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Shakespeare in the Park


By William Shakespeare

Directed by Mark Harry Creter


Actor 1-Steve Gwilt
Richard, Duke of Gloucester
Sheriff  (V,1)

Actor 2-Eleni Fragopoulas
Queen Elizabeth

Henry, Earl of Richmond

Actor 3-Travis Flatt
George, Duke of Clarence/Ghost

Archbishop of York

Actor 4-Evan Stevens
King Edward IV/Ghost

Lord Mayor of London
Priest (III, 2)

Actor 5-Emily Helton
Lady Anne/Ghost
Sir James Blunt (Richmond’s man)

Actor 6-Ethan Copeland
Lord Stanley

Second murderer
guard (Berkley) I, 2

Actor 7-Buster Shadwick
Sir James Tyrrell (First murderer)

Lord Lovell
Ghost of Henry VI

guard (Tressel) I, 2

Actor 8-Brent Fleshman
Lord Hastings/Ghost

Sir Richard Ratcliff -Bishop #2 (III, 7)

Actor 9-Josh Winscott
Duke of Buckingham/Ghost

Duke of Norfolk

Actor 10-Teak Matoax
Earl of Rivers/Ghost

messenger 1 (IV, 3)

Actor 11-Elijah Miller
Lord Grey/Ghostpage (IV, 1)


Actor 12-Gus Creter
Young Prince Edward/Ghost

Actor 13-Graham Wheeler
Young Duke of York/Ghost 

Actor 14-Eric Moran
Sir William Catesby-Bishop #1 (III, 7)
messenger 3 (IV, 3)
Sir Richard Brackenbury; Lieutenant of the Tower

Shakespeare in the Park is presented by:

The Cookeville Department of Leisure Services, Cultural Arts Division,
Cookeville Performing Arts Center,

and made possible by a grant from the Cookeville Arts Council.


Past Dogwood Shakespeare in the Park productions:

2004-A Midsummer Nights Dream, directed by Mark Harry Creter

2005-Romeo & Juliet, directed by Mark Harry Creter

2006-Taming of the Shrew, directed by Mark Harry Creter

2007-Twelfth Night, directed by Mark Harry Creter

2008-Hamlet, directed by David Johnson

2009-The Tempest, directed by Steven W. Gwilt

2010-The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by David Johnson

2011-The Merchant of Venice, directed by Dave Davidson

2012 - Macbeth, directed by Mark Harry Creter

2013 - As You Like It, directed by Steven W. Gwilt

2014 - Richard III, directed by Mark Harry Creter